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Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP)


Location: Mirpur-6, Dhaka

Donor: ADRA Czech Republic, Malfini

Direct Beneficiaries: 85 Children

Total Beneficiaries: 170

Project Duration: 01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021

Total Budget: 83,804,569.00

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 03/05/2017

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No.: 03.09.0000.657.68.550.2017-128


Project Goal:


Improved life conditions of slum children in Dhaka city.


  • The educational status of the slum children improved.

  • Nutritional status and hygienic conditions of the slum children improved.

  • Parents income increased.



Key Activities:


  • Enrolment of children

  • Education session for children

  • Linkage with primary schools

  • Communication with the local government education department, local NGO's

  • Parents guardians meeting at the center

  • Home Visits

  • Study tour

  • Nutritional meal for children

  • Health care for children (check-up and clinical support)

  • Growth monitoring of children

  • Health session for children

  • Parents literacy session

  • Problem-based workshop



Project Description:


Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) is working in the Chalantika slum of Mirpur in Dhaka since 2013. Currently, the project is funded by the ADRA Czech Republic and Malfini. CSCDP has also got funding through the small local project of the Czech Republic Development corporation of New Delhi in the previous years. CSCDP mainly supports the slum children who are more vulnerable, drop out of school, work in the streets collecting recycles due to financial problems, children who wander around and are not going to schools. To address these children CSCDP started working in this area. Now, CSCDP has 85 children who are going to government primary school. Among them, 5 children have successfully completed the Primary School Certificate (PSC) and continuing education. 85 mothers of these 85 children are also involved with CSCDP.


The 85 targeted children who are coming to the CSCDP center are going to government primary school and receiving one nutritious meal from the project. These children's families are not capable to support all educational material, uniforms, and required items to them. CSCDP is providing all of these to them from the beginning of its intervention. The children in this area are mainly malnourished and do not get nutritious meals. However, the project is providing one nutritious meal per day. Now, 90% of them are healthy. They also get the opportunity to get treatment from MBBS doctors through CSCDP. At the beginning of the project, children were of different ages and not going to school, after five years now all the children are attending school in different grades. The mothers of the children are also regularly coming to the literacy sessions. Through the sessions, they are now able to read, write and sign their name. They are also aware of the importance of child education and child rights. Mothers’ income has also increased who participated in tailoring training. Overall, they are now motivated to change their living conditions through CSCDP activities and motivation.

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