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Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP)


Location: Mirpur-6, Dhaka

Donor: ADRA Czech, Malfini, ADRA Korea, ADRA Austria, ADRA Italy, ADRA Sweden, ADRA Netherlands, and ADRA France

Direct Beneficiaries: 160 Children

Indirect Beneficiaries: 900

Total Beneficiaries: 1060

Project Duration: 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2026

Total Budget: BDT. 2,92,33,685.00

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 10/05/2022

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No.: 03.07.0000.657.68.18.2022-362


Project Goal:


Improved life conditions of slum children in Dhaka city.


  • The educational status of the slum children improved.

  • The nutritional status and hygienic conditions of the slum children improved.

  • Parents' income increased.



Key Activities:


  • Enrolment of children

  • Education session for children

  • Linkage with primary schools

  • Communication with the local government education department, local NGOs

  • Parents and guardians meeting at the center

  • Home Visits

  • Study tour

  • Nutritional meals for children

  • Health care for children (check-up and clinical support)

  • Growth monitoring of children

  • Health sessions for children

  • Parents literacy session

  • Problem-based workshop



Project Description:


The Chalantika slum is settled in an unsafe and unhygienic setting and consists of houses built on bamboo scaffolds set up on the uneven wet swamp-like landscape. Proper housing, adequate sanitation, and a sewerage system, as well as sufficient safe water supply, are dreadfully missing here. Most families live in 7x8 feet to 10x12 feet houses. According to a survey conducted in 100 households prior to the onset of the center, ADRA Bangladesh found that the average monthly income of surveyed families was around BDT 7000.00. Most surveyed children had not received prior schooling opportunities because their caregivers did not earn enough to afford all costs associated with school attendance. Aside from education, poor health, water, sanitation, and the overall living environment in this slum have also been noted.

Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) has been working in the Chalantika slum of Mirpur in Dhaka since 2013. Currently, the project is funded by ADRA Czech Republic and Malini. CSCDP mainly supports the slum children who are more vulnerable, drop out of school, and work in the streets collecting recycles due to financial problems. To address these children CSCDP started working in this area and this year supporting 80 children to continue their education. Out of total 67 children are going to government primary schools and 13 are studying pre-primary at the center. Among school-going children, 100% (13) passed Primary School Certificate (PSC) and continuing education.

CSCDP supports children in preparing their homework. CSCDP also offers free nutritious meals and provides educational materials, health check-ups, and medicine. Mothers of the 80 children attending awareness sessions on health, hygiene, child rights, etc. CSCDP encourages and ensures the birth registration of all children. The children in the Chalantika are able to continue their education, overcoming issues including child labor, early marriage, malnutrition, etc.

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