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Dreams in the Slums: Mim’s Journey to Becoming a Doctor

Mim, a 12-year-old girl, lives in the Chalantika slums of a bustling city. She has a younger brother who is disabled and requires constant care. Despite her difficult circumstances, Mim is determined to make a better life for herself and her brother.


Mim had always been fascinated by the medical field and dreamed of becoming a doctor one day. She spent hours reading books and doing homework as much as possible.


Mim realized that her passion for medicine extended beyond just wanting to become a doctor. She wanted to specialize in helping disabled children like her brother, who often faced discrimination and neglect in their community.


Mim's father is a driver. It's difficult for him to maintain a family comprised of 5 members. The driving profession is often associated with long working hours, low pay, and constant risks on the road. These conditions make it difficult for him to maintain a healthy work-life balance and provide for his family.


Despite the many obstacles in her path, Mim continues to study hard and work tirelessly to achieve her goals. Her parents can't afford the educational expenses needed to continue her higher studies.


"My younger brother is my biggest inspiration and motivation, and I want to make a difference in the lives of others like him. Despite the challenges I faced, I never gave up on my dreams. I continue the hard work and determination to give my dream a success." Said Mim confidently.


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