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© Izla Bethdavid Boltena/ADRA Sweden


Thank you to our partners listed below and numerous individual donors who make our mission possible. We often recognize you on banners, reports, signs, and the doors of our projects, but your support is beyond measure to us as an organization and to thousands of beneficiaries. We aim every day to work in a way that will make you proud to be a supporter of ADRA Bangladesh, and we look forward to our continued partnership in helping the people of this amazing country. We also thank ADRA International, ADRA Asia, ADRA Sweden, ADRA Czech Republic, ADRA Korea, ADRA Poland, ADRA Australia, ADRA Canada, ADRA Germany, ADRA China, ADRA Norway, ADRA New Zealand, ADRA Netherlands, ADRA Italy, and Hong Kong Government for their support.

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