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ADRA Bangladesh has been at work in the country for 45 years.  Many of our donors have been with us since we first started.  Without the support and partnerships maintained, and those to come, it would be impossible to run any of our projects.  To visit our partners website, click on their respective logo.  Below is a list of our current partnerships:

ADRA Czech Republic works in conjunction with the Czech Republic Development Cooperation to deliver the Chalanika Slum Children Development Project.

ADRA Korea works in conjunction with KOICA to deliver the Operation of Children Center
in Mirpur Slum Project.

ADRA Bangladesh has had a long time partnership with ADRA Sweden who works in conjunction with the Swedish Mission Council to deliver the Empowering Flood Prone Poor Community Project and the Women Empowerment Project.

Czech Republic Development 
Cooperation works in conjunction with
ADRA Czech Republic to deliver the Chalanika Slum Children Development Project.

FE  - means Federation of Adventist Entrepreneurs of Brazil to deliver the Tongi Children
Education Program.

KOICA works in conjunction with ADRA Korea to deliver the Operation of Children Center
in Mirpur Slum Project.

Our Swedish sponsor Läkarmissionen helps to deliver the Capacity Building for Farmers and Families Project, Chalantika Mother and Children Development Project and Social Integration for Street Children Development Project in Mymensingh.


ADRA Bangladesh is working in partnership with UNHCR to establish the shelter and infrastructure for the Rohingya community.

Water for All in Sweden works with ADRA Sweden to deliver the Water and Sanitation Support for Community Project.

Logo IOM.png

ADRA Bangladesh has signed an agreement with IOM recently with an aim to assist the Rohingya Community.


MOAS Malta is an NGO that is working with the utmost expertise in water and flood safety in South East Asia and the Mediterranean region for more than five years. MOAS is supporting ADRA Bangladesh by providing training on Water and Flood Safety in the Rohingya camps.


Malfini, a.s. is one of the leading suppliers of promotional textiles in the Czech Republic and in Europe. They are supporting Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) in Mirpur, Dhaka.

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Community Chest of Korea, launched in 1998, has been a catalyst for change in the Korean society based on citizens’ voluntary participation for the past 20 years. Community Chest of Korea is assisting ADRA in Bangladesh by supporting MYDP project located in Mirpur, Dhaka.

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