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Poverty Can’t be the Barrier to Attain Primary Education in Chalantika Slum

Like many other children, Maruf has a dream dormant in his mind. “I want to be a pilot in the future and I’ll help the poor who can’t attain education due to financial crisis,” said Maruf very confidently which reflected his dream.

Maruf an 11-year-old kid is a student of the Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) of ADRA Bangladesh. He reads in class four. He is living with his parents at 6 no. Chalantika, Mirpur- 6, Dhaka. His father Md. Rahamatullah runs a small tea stall and his mother Marina Begum works as a cleaner in a school. Maruf has two sisters. His elder sister Rabeya got married and his younger sister Rupa also attends class four.

Maruf lives with his family in the floating slum. Their house is made of corrugated sheets. They live in a very small room. They have to share their toilet and kitchen with several other families. Despite living in such an environment that lacks a basic living standard, Maruf was never distracted from his education.

Though Rahamatullah's earning is very small, he never loses hope of educating his child. “I was searching for a way to educate my child. I knew that I couldn’t afford the educational cost of my child with such a small income. Since my elder daughter accomplished her primary education at the ADRA CSCDP center, the CSCDP authority helped me to continue my child’s education. They got admitted Maruf to their center,” said Rahamatullah.

From the CSCDP center Maruf learned not only about academic education, he learned about health & hygiene, health awareness, good manners, and culture. Maruf has been able to bring out some behavioral changes after attending the CSCDP center such as washing his hands before meals and after using the toilet, brushes teeth two times a day, drinking safe boiled water at home, conveying greetings and respecting elder people, and teachers, and goes to the school in time.

“I was a student of adult literacy session of CSCDP center as well. I learned how to manage my family with a little income. I am so grateful that Maruf got the opportunity to attain his education from the ADRA CSCDP center. Maruf eats nutritious food and gets educational materials (e.g. books, pencils, uniform, and shoes) from ADRA. I am so happy to have this opportunity. I would like to thank ADRA Bangladesh. I would like to also thank the ADRA Czech Republic and Malfini to help a poor community like us,” Marina Begum showed her gratitude towards the ADRA family.


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