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Story of A Slum Child: The Journey of Ismail toward Reaching His Dream

“I want to be a pilot in the future. Whenever an Aeroplan flies over, I look up in the sky. I wonder how such a big plane flies up in the sky! I love to make paper planes and fly them. I dream to be a pilot. I want to make my family financially stable by being a pilot. I want to live in a better place than the slum.” Muhammad Ismail, a 9-year-old kid, revealed his dream dormant in his mind.

ADRA Bangladesh is helping slum kids like Ismail by ensuring primary education through its Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP). ADRA Bangladesh provides all the necessary educational materials e.g., school uniforms, shoes, school bags, books, and pencils. ADRA Bangladesh offers nutritious meals for underprivileged slum kids and fundamental health support.

Muhammad Ismail is a student of the CSCDP center of ADRA Bangladesh who reads in class three. He lives with his parents in Chalantika slum. His family comprised four members.

They are living in a slum that lacks all the basic amenities. Their house is made of bamboo with a corrugated sheet roof. The floor is made of wood. They have to share 4 kitchen stoves and 2 toilets with 7 other families. The rooms are very tiny in the slum.

They can’t get the water to drink properly, which disrupts their daily life. They suffer a lot due to the lack of a garbage management system. People throw garbage everywhere in the Chalantika slum, which causes odor.

Living in such an environment, Ismail is continuing his education. This has been only possible for his dedication and interest in education.

“I like to go to the CSCDP center. I like English subject the most. From the CSCDP center, I’ve learned general etiquette, manners, and customs. I’ve learned how to respect the elders or teachers. My teachers have taught me how to wash my hands before and after taking meals and after using the toilets. I practice basic hygiene in my home.” Ismail explained how he benefited from CSCDP.

“Ismail is so talented. He is a quick learner. I hope he will use his talent in study and he will become an educated person in the future. I wish him all the best.” Said Sinthya, a Teacher of CSCDP.


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