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CSCDP has Become the Beacon of Hope for the Slum Children

There are many unnamed unfortunate children who cannot pursue their studies in the slum areas of Bangladesh. But they also grow up with a dream like other children in society. Most of the slum children in Bangladesh can’t continue their studies due to the financial crisis.

ADRA in Bangladesh is working tirelessly with the help of ADRA Czech Republic and Malfini to ensure a good quality education for the slum children in Dhaka. Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) has become a beacon of hope for disadvantaged slum children as it offers free education along with other facilities.

Gohona a 7-years-old slum kid migrated from the coastal district Bhola with a big dream dormant in her mind. “I want to be a doctor in the future and I’ll help the poor. I’ll help them by providing free treatment,” said Gohona. Numerous slum kids migrated to Dhaka along with their families from the coastal areas of Bangladesh for a better future. But their parents can’t afford their educational expenses due to financial crisis.

Gohona’s father Md. Monir is a farmer and her mother Taslima Begum is a housewife. Her mother didn’t go to school and her father studied up to 2nd grade. Gohona’s mother can’t even write her name and her father can only read a little. They couldn’t continue their study due to financial problems. But they’re willing to educate their child yet they don’t have sufficient money to maintain the educational expenses.

“I came to know about the CSCDP center from one of my neighbors. I felt a relief of sigh after knowing about the CSCDP center as I was struggling a lot to find out a way to continue the education of my child,” said Taslima. “I went to the CSCDP center and admitted Gohona in class KG,” she added.

Now, Gohona attends class KG in the CSCDP center. She’s also enjoying the rest of the facilities from the CSCDP center as well. “I like to go to the CSCDP center. Bangla is my favorite subject. I’m also learning health & hygiene, good manners, and our culture from the CSCDP center. I want to continue my studies and I want to be a doctor in the future. I’ll help the poor by providing free treatment so they can lead a healthy and dynamic life,” Gohona said confidently.


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