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Breaking Barriers: A Slum Child's Journey to Education

“I want to be a doctor in the future, and I want to serve poor patients,” said Sifat, a 9-year-old child. Sifat lives with his parents in Chalantika slum. His father Md. Amir works as a helper of a mason. His mother Runa Begum, works as a housemaid.

Sifat’s home district is in Bhola – a coastal area in the southern part of Bangladesh. His parents moved to Dhaka from Bhola due to the river erosion. “We lost everything into the ferocious river. It grasped everything we had! My parents became helpless. They moved to Dhaka for a better livelihood,” said Sifat.

Sifat’s parents struggle a lot to find a means of living. His parents take shelter in a rented house in the Chalantika slum. The living conditions in Chalantika Slum are quite poor. The area is overcrowded, with cramped living spaces and inadequate sanitation facilities. Access to clean drinking water is also a major challenge in the slum. The lack of proper waste disposal mechanisms and the prevalence of open drainage systems further exacerbate the unhygienic living conditions.

Sifat had already faced his fair share of challenges. His parents worked long hours in the nearby areas, leaving him to fend for himself most of the time. But Sifat refused to let his circumstances hold him back. He dreamed of a better life and knew that education was the key.

Despite these challenges, Sifat was determined to pursue an education and improve his future. “I got admitted into the Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP) of ADRA Bangladesh. I could not access quality education if CSCDP was not here. Besides, my parents were not able to afford my educational expenses. I received all the necessary educational materials from the CSCDP center. They provided me with a school bag, uniform, shoes, books, and pencil,” Sifat explained cheerfully.

ADRA Bangladesh is working tirelessly to support the education of slum children, providing hope and opportunities for a better life.

Sifat is a quiet boy. He has a great interest in his studies. He has a great relationship with everyone around him. He takes on and handles his responsibilities well. He has a helping personality. He helps his teacher as well.

“As a teacher, I want to say that everyone needs education to pave their future. Sifat has an interest in education so he can use this opportunity to shine bright in his life,” said Cynthia, a teacher at CSCDP Center.

Now, Sifat attends Class I in the CSCDP center. He soaked up every bit of knowledge that his teachers imparted and was always eager to learn more. He knew that education was his ticket out of poverty and into a brighter future.


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