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ADRA Bangladesh Provides Free Medical Treatment Support to 250 Helpless People in Chalantika Slum

ADRA Bangladesh has been working untiringly to improve the life conditions of the Chalantika Slum dwellers, including educational and health status, through its Chalantika Slum Children Development Project (CSCDP).

CSCDP implemented non-formal education initiatives, such as tuition for formal school students, adult literacy programs, and life skills education. CSCDP empowers and supports individuals and communities, equipping them with knowledge and skills for better socio-economic well-being. CSCDP educates parents through adult literacy sessions and prepares slum children for enrollment in government primary schools.

CSCDP supports formal education programs by providing access to quality education through sponsorship and teacher training. CSCDP offers free nutritious meals and provides educational materials, health checkups, and medicine.

Underscoring the health issues for the slum community, ADRA Bangladesh organized a free medical camp to provide free medical services for the helpless and poor children in the Chalantika Slums in Mirpur, Dhaka. The medical camp was held at Islamia High School in Mipur-6, Dhaka. Doctors from Busan Adventist Hospital of South Korea participated in the health camp. They conducted health checkups for 250 helpless people, including children and their parents. Apart from the health checkups, free medications were distributed among the children.

The vulnerable community was delighted to receive free medication support from ADRA Bangladesh. They’re expecting that they’ll get more support like this again soon.


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