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Kunty’s Access to Better Sanitation

Health & hygiene is one of the key impact areas of ADRA. ADRA in Bangladesh emphasizes on health & hygiene intending to ensure a healthy life for the community people in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

Kunty Sarder, a 38-year-old housewife lives at Nishankhali village of Dacope Upazila in Khulna district. She lives in a tiny hut with her husband and two sons. Kunty and her family members are unaware of standard health and hygiene which leads them to an unhealthy life.

They used primitive toilets which were made of bamboo and woods. Thus, they infected by viruses and bacteria and fell in sickness. Kunty and her family members always suffered from diarrhea and other common diseases round the year. Kunty couldn’t tolerate the state of unhealthy conditions anymore. She couldn’t afford the cost of medication for her family. Gradually, she was drowning into despair.

A few months ago, the ADRA WFA project staff came and motivated Kunty to build a sanitary toilet in her house. They also invited her to participate in the health and hygiene session regularly. She started participating in WASH & Hygiene meetings at the group level. She got the opportunity to get familiar with many things like the importance of using a sanitary latrine, the necessity of handwashing, importance of safe drinking water, and proper hygiene practices, etc. She didn’t have any idea of health & hygiene before attending the ADRA group meeting. She shared her views and ideas with her kith and kin and motivated them vigorously that helped them a lot.

“With the support of Water For All sanitation program, I and other women of our village have got the hygiene messages from WASH personnel. I’ve deployed a sanitary latrine in my house. Now, me and all of my family members wear sandal during defecation, keep soap and water inside the latrine, wash the toilets every day, drink safe drinking water from our water tank, cover water, and food pots, and wash hands with soap especially before having meal and after defecation,” Kunty unfolded the life-changing story and positive impacts of her life.

Kunty, thanked ADRA in Bangladesh and ADRA in Sweden for implementing the WFA project in their community. She appreciated ADRA in Bangladesh and ADRA in Sweden for their dedication and works aiming to bring positive change for the extremely poor, distressed and vulnerable people in the remote areas of Dacope Upazila.

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