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Small Farm, Big Dreams: How A Housewife Has Achieved Financial Solvency through Her Livestock

Nazma is milking from her cow

Nazma Begum is a 39-year-old dynamo from a small village nestled in the Churaly village of Gouripur Upazila in Mymensingh. She was once a typical rural housewife, but she had a secret ambition – to contribute financially to her family and secure a brighter future for her children.


The turning point came when the Community Empowerment Project (CEP) of ADRA Bangladesh organised a workshop on sustainable farming practices. Nazma, always eager to learn, attended the workshop with an open mind. The workshop introduced her to the incredible potential of dairy farming and poultry rearing – a way to not only supplement her family's income but also provide them with fresh, nutritious food.


Inspired, Nazma started small. “I took a loan of BDT. 5,000. with the help of the Shomity, I started poultry rearing. I was so successful that I planned to extend my business. I took another loan of BDT. 25,000 from the Shomity and bought a cow, using my savings money and the loan money. I began with a single cow, carefully nurtured it, and learned the art of milking. The initial challenges were many but I was determined to succeed. I had to overcome my initial fear of handling the animals, managing the daily chores and learning about proper animal care and hygiene,” Nazma unfolded her expedition.


But Nazma was determined. She was so excited to learn every aspect of animal husbandry, from feeding and vaccination schedules to managing milk production. Her dedication paid off. Soon, her single cow yielded 6 litres of milk per day, which was more than enough to meet her family's needs and sell in the local market.


“I was so excited to pay off the second loan and take out the third loan of BDT. 35,000. I bought another cow and now I’m getting 11 litres of milk per day from the two cows!” said Nazma.


The success with the cow was a real boost for Nazma and her husband, who were inspired to expand their venture. They began rearing goats, which were easier to manage and provided an additional source of income through the sale of milk and meat. They also started raising poultry, providing their family with eggs and supplementing their income further.


They currently have two dairy cows, two bull calves, two goats, 12 ducks and 35 chickens! The average income is BDT. 27,000 per month, which is fantastic! Nazma Begum and her husband are absolutely passionate about animal husbandry. With this income, they can easily meet their family expenses and even have some leftovers! They can provide their children with all the school materials they need! And now their family is free from financial crisis!


Nazma's story is a shining example of resilience and hard work! Her incredible journey from a traditional housewife to a successful entrepreneur has not only improved her family's financial situation but also empowered her to become a role model for other women in her village!


Nazma's incredible success story is a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, with determination and the right support, rural women can become agents of change, contributing to their families, communities, and the larger society. Her journey is an inspiration! It proves that self-sufficiency and economic empowerment are within reach, even for those who start with limited resources and face significant challenges.


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