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ADRA Bangladesh Distributes Charcoal Water Filters to Beneficiaries

CEP Project manager is distributing charcoal water filter

As a part of the efforts to improve access to clean drinking water, ADRA Bangladesh distributed Charcoal Water filters at the local level as implemented under its Community Empowerment Project (CEP) in Daulatpur, Manikganj. The initiative was part of a larger public health and sanitation effort and was met with approval from the beneficiaries.


One of many recipients eagerly awaiting their charcoal water filter, to learn how these work and its benefits. ADRA Bangladesh also arranged a session during which they highlighted the significance of safe drinking water in ensuring good health and showcased how using these filters can effectively remove sediments and other harmful substances.


ADRA Bangladesh is committed to ensuring everyone has access to safe drinking water. By distributing charcoal water filters, ADRA addresses an immediate need and promotes long-term health and wellness in these communities.


The charcoal water filters, known for their ability to remove bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful substances, are expected to significantly reduce waterborne diseases and improve the overall quality of life for the recipients.


Nahian Nuran, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Daulatpur, Manikganj, and community leaders and residents expressed their appreciation for the initiative. This is a life-changing gift for the beneficiary. People have struggled with contaminated water for years, and now they have a solution that works.


ADRA Bangladesh's efforts are part of a larger, ongoing mission to support vulnerable populations and ensure access to essential resources. The organization continues to work closely with local authorities and international partners to bring sustainable solutions to the forefront.


As the distribution of charcoal water filters continues, ADRA Bangladesh remains dedicated to its mission of fostering community health and resilience. The initiative stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to improving lives through practical and impactful interventions.


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