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A Thread of Hope: Purnima's Journey to Financial Solvency

Purnima is working at her shop

Purnima Kabiraj is a CBO member of the Community Empowerment Project (CEP), Dacope, Khulna. She lives in Batbunia village of Dacope Upazila in the Khulna district. She is an active member of the Batbunia Mitali Mohila Unnayan Shomiti of CEP. She has worked as a tailor and a cloth seller for several years. Despite the financial crises, she has been able to keep her business running!


"I took a loan of BDT 40,000 from my Shomiti and purchased clothes for my store. My sales had increased. My business has seen a significant increase in orders and customer satisfaction. My dedication and hard work had truly paid off," said Purnima, beaming with pride.


Purnima has achieved financial solvency through her successful tailoring business. After facing financial difficulties, she decided to use her tailoring skills to start her own business, and it has been a resounding success! With dedication and hard work, she has managed to turn her passion for tailoring into a profitable venture.


Purnima's journey to financial independence is an inspiring example of determination and entrepreneurship. Through her tailoring business, she has not only improved her financial situation but has also become a role model for others in the community.


Purnima expressed her gratitude to the ADRA Bangladesh and CEP, for their support and encouragement. She’s got big plans for the future! She’s determined to keep growing her business and serving her customers with the same dedication and commitment that has led her to this significant achievement.


Purnima’s story is a fantastic example of how anyone can overcome financial challenges and achieve their goals with hard work and determination!


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