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The Road to Success: Suchona's Journey from Poverty to Prosperity

Innumerable girls in the slum area in Dhaka city are struggling to achieve self-reliance. There is a girl named Suchona Akter who has a big dream of achieving self-reliance and financial solvency. She is passionate, hardworking, and determined to make her dream a reality.

Suchona lives in the Chanaltina slum in Mirpur, Dhaka. She has a beautiful kid aged three. She lives with her parents. Her father works as a cook.

Suchona started her journey by brainstorming and identifying an opportunity by which she could fulfill her dream. Later, she came to know about the Makeup Your Dream Project (MYDP) of ADRA Bangladesh from her neighbor.

MYDP provides beautification training and employment support to out-of-school youth in Dhaka. MYDP offers beautification training in hair, skincare, and makeup and is linked to local beauty parlors and skin care shops for the three-month internship.

Despite facing several challenges and setbacks along the way, Suchona never gave up. She enrolled in the beatification training course and accomplished the training.

"MYDP authority helped me to get connected with the parlor owners. I got the opportunity to attend the interview in Mukta Beauty Parlor. Since I was confident and completed the training, I was able to satisfy the parlor owner. They appointed me to their parlor," said Suchona cheerfully.

Finally, after months of planning and preparation, Suchona obtained a job. It was an instant success in her life. Suchona has exceptional customer service skills. Due to her skills and expertise, she gained popularity rapidly.

"I had no income before. I was dependent on my husband’s income. Now, I'm getting BDT 7,000 per month. My parents are happy. I can contribute to my family financially. I also can support the needs of my child. At present, I've achieved financial solvency and freedom in my life," Suchona unfolded her success.

"I would like to thank ADRA Bangladesh and ADRA Korea for running this beautiful project. I'm grateful to my trainers who taught me this amazing course. They are the best in Bangladesh. I hope ADRA Bangladesh will keep up their wonderful work and support the helpless girls like me," Suchona showed her gratitude towards the ADRA family.

Today, Suchona has proven that with hard work, perseverance, and a strong vision, anyone can turn their dreams into a reality.


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