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Community Empowerment Project (CEP) - Mymensingh


Location: Gouripur, Mymensingh

Donor: SMC and ADRA Sweden

Direct Beneficiaries: 8500 (Ongoing 4250 and Follow up 4250)

Indirect Beneficiaries: 12500

Total Beneficiaries: 21000

Project Duration: 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2021

Total Budget: 46,815,599.00

NGO Bureau Approval Date: 21/05/19

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No. : 03.09.2666.657.68.174.191074


Project Goal: 


The Bangladeshi communities overcome poverty through improved socio-economic, healthy, and resilient living conditions by the end of project intervention (2021).



Key Activities:


  • Self-help Groups formation

  • Samiti formation and registration

  • Capital Raising through savings collection

  • Develop awareness of health, literacy, and rights

  • Enhance capacity on need-based IGA

  • Transfer agriculture technologies

  • Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA)

  • Encourage organic farming

  • Develop linkage with government

  • Women and child nutrition 

  • Nutrition celebration for community awareness

  • Issues base community awareness event 

  • Training on group management capacity building,

  • Follow up for the Phase-out area etc.


Project Description:


CEP is an impact result of the Women Empowerment Project (WEP). Since 1998, ADRA Bangladesh is working with poor communities to empower women and men in Mymensingh. As Bangladesh women are often deprived of their rights and suffering from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination and it remains in the area of Mymensingh. In this circumstance, ADRA Bangladesh took the initiative to empower women through the formation of unity and self-reliant oriented approach for sustainable development. Considering the conservativeness and religion-based society in Mymensingh district and also based on the vulnerability and deprive situation, ADRA Bangladesh has sorted out these Gouripur and Muktagacha Upazila of Mymensingh for long-lasting development of the communities through Women Empowerment Project (WEP). Based on the achievement of WEP, ADRA gives priority to the beneficiaries/stakeholders' needs and demands for their sustainable development through the permanent solution using optimally of their local resources and designing Community Empowerment Project.

Story Lab

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Bringing Hope through Farming

Health Awareness Session-Women Empowerment Project, Mymensingh

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Poly Begum Has Become Self-dependent

Jhorna with her cloth basket.jpg

Jhorna Begum – Story of A Successful Housewife

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Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Helps Reducing Poverty in the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

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Traditional Birth Attendants and Their Roles in Maternal Health Care in Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Halima is preparng handicrafts.jpg

Halima Begum – A Successful Entrepreneur

Rupali is preparing bags.jpg

IGA Training Has Changed Rupali’s Life

Firoza with her cow.jpg

Cow Fattening Has Changed Firoza’s Life

Marjia with her diabetic machine.jpg

Marjia has Restored Her Social Dignity

Joynal is selling seeds.jpg

Joynal Has Achieved Financial Emancipation by Selling Seeds

Najma is processing Vermicompost.jpg

Vermicompost is Improving Lives in the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

A beneficiary is preparing Vermicompost.jpg

Vermicompost Brings Out a Drastic Change in Nandigram

Bacchu Mia in his garden.jpg

Bringing Hope through Cultivating Summer Cauliflower

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