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Vermicompost is Improving Lives in the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

ADRA in Bangladesh is working tirelessly to improve the livelihood of the marginalized communities across the country through its Community Empowerment Project (CEP) for decades. Since Bangladesh is a major agricultural country, 80% of the rural people of this country are directly or indirectly involved in agricultural work.

Since the main focus of CEP is to eliminate poverty through an improved socio-economic system, CEP has given importance to agricultural occupations. CEP is assisting the marginalized peasant communities so they can adopt organic fertilizer aiming to develop a sustainable green agrarian system. Subsequently, CEP is encouraging farmers to use Vermicompost as it has a great value in terms of producing crops and selling in the market at the same time.

Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition of organic material by earthworms, usually, red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, and bedding materials. ADRA Bangladesh patronizes and encourages farmers to produce Vermicompost and replaces chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers. Vermicomposting and Vermiculture offer the potential to organic farmers as sources of supplemental income.

Community Empowerment Project (CEP) – Gouripur, Mymensingh is playing an inevitable role to transform lives in its project area by promoting Vermicompost. Vermicompost has already gained popularity among the peasant communities. Many farmers have been involved in producing Vermicompost and have been able to bring out a positive change in their lives. A number of farmers have been able to achieve financial emancipation by producing and selling Vermicompost in the local market.

“I’ve received training from ADRA and learned how to prepare Vermicompost. Now, I’m producing Vermicompost and earning a good sum of money by selling them in the local market. I’m happy as I can arrange three meals a day for my family and I’ve been able to do savings from my earning as well,” said Najma Begum, a farmer who has got benefited by producing Vermicompost.

Community Empowerment Project (CEP) – Gouripur, Mymensingh has built up a strong relationship with the Upazila Agriculture Department (Government counterpart of agriculture). CEP and the Upazila Agriculture Department are jointly providing a wide range of logistic support to promote Vermicompost.

“ADRA is doing really great for improving the livelihood of the underprivileged community in Mymensingh through its Community Empowerment Project (CEP). Whenever I seek for their assistance they responded on time! I believe together we can do something better for developing a sustainable agrarian system and improve the plight of the distressed communities in our locality,” said Shariful Islam, Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer (SAAO), Department of Agriculture, Gouripur, Mymensingh.

The government counterparts have highly appreciated CEP’s efforts as it has been able to bring out a drastic change and improved the livelihood of the marginalized communities.

“I would like to thank SMC and ADRA Sweden for their amazing support to make our journey come true. We are committed to the welfare of the left-behind communities in rural areas of Bangladesh. We still have a long way to go for the welfare of our people. I’m expecting long-term support from our valued partners so we can do as God intended,” said Babul C. Gomes, Regional Coordinator, and Project Manager, CEP.


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