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Cow Fattening Has Changed Firoza’s Life

Community Empowerment Project (CEP) has been working rigorously for transforming the lives of the marginalized communities in Bangladesh. CEP-Grouripur, Mymensingh has been playing an inevitable role to eliminate poverty from society.

CEP has been providing a wide range of Income Generating Activity (IGA) training for its beneficiaries. Many people have been able to change their fortune by receiving IGA training.

Firoza Begum, the mother of three children and the wife of a poor farmer who lives in Douhakhola village of Gouripur Upazila of Mymensingh district has been striving to get rid of poverty. Md. Umar Faruk, husband of Firoza Begum is the breadwinner of the family who’s depending only on agriculture.

Firoza was struggling for a long time to contribute to her family financially. Eventually, she came to know about ADRA. She attended a meeting organized by ADRA Bangladesh and felt that she could do something if she could get enrolled in the women group of ADRA.

After a few days, she enrolled in the Mohila Unnayan group in her village. All the members of the Mohila Unnayan group elected her as the chairman. All the members were started depositing savings and participating in all the activities of the Shomity on a regular basis.

“I’ve received cow fattening training from ADRA Bangladesh and I’ve started rearing cows. I’ve learned how to take care of the cows professionally and how to feed them scientifically. This training has helped me a lot to start my farming business. I’m earning a good sum of money from this business,” Firoza was describing how she got benefited from ADRA Bangladesh.

Firoza sold out four cows in the last Eid-ul-Adha and earned BDT. 3,21,500.00. Excluding all expenses, she got a profit of BDT. 95,000.00. She had never been able to do such a healthy profit before.

“I’m delighted and grateful to ADRA Bangladesh for their spontaneous support in changing my life. Now, I’ve achieved financial emancipation and I can contribute to my family financially,” said Firoza cheerfully.


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