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Empowering Project Staff through Cross-Visit Programs

A cross-visit program is a valuable tool for organizations that want to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and teamwork among their employees. The program involves sending employees from one department or location to another for a short period, typically a week or two, to work with colleagues in a different setting.


This exchange of ideas and perspectives can lead to new insights, fresh approaches to problem-solving, and increased innovation within the organization. It also helps to break down silos and build stronger relationships among team members who may not have had the chance to work together otherwise.


To fulfill the project goal and objective Community Empowerment Project (CEP), Gouripur, Mymensingh of ADRA Bangladesh, conducted a Staff Development Cross Visit in Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogura. There were 24 staff participated in the program. The purpose of the cross-visit was to gain adaptability for more effective implementation of ongoing Income Generation Activities (IGAs) of the CEP (Phase-II) project.


Through the visit, CEP project staff had the opportunity to develop their capacity through various workshops and gain knowledge on agricultural farms, animal husbandry, livestock rearing, fish farming, agricultural production process and marketing, use of modern agriculture machinery, and irrigation technology.


Overall, a cross-visit program can be a powerful way to foster a more cohesive and productive workplace culture.


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