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The Success Story of a Thriving Independent Grocery Store

Income-Gnerating Activities (IGAs) are critical for individuals, families, and communities to achieve financial independence and improve their quality of life. These activities can range from small-scale businesses, such as selling goods or providing services, to larger income-generating ventures, such as agriculture or real estate development. Income-Gnerating Activities (IGAs) are a powerful tool for poverty reduction and sustainable development.


ADRA Bangladesh assists marginalized communities in Gouripur, Mymensingh, by providing them with IGA support and improving their livelihoods through its Community Empowerment Project (CEP). Hosneara Begum and Md. Abdul Aziz has been able to achieve financial stability by adopting IGA.


Hosneara Begum is a female member of Singjani Mohilla Unnayan Shomity. Her husband Md. Abdul Aziz runs a small grocery shop in the village. Since their income isn’t sufficient to maintain their family, both they planned to take a loan from their Shomity and expand their business.


“I took a loan BDT. 30,000 from the Shomity and invested in our business. Since my husband is a hard worker, he makes significant progress in his business. For his politeness and honesty, he increases the sales, which helps to expand our working capital,” said Hosneara.


Aziz's shop became the go-to place for the villagers for all their daily needs. His customers trusted him completely and knew that they would always get the best value for their money at his shop.


“Before I could earn BDT. 8,000-9,000 monthly. At present, I’m earning BDT. 17,000-18,000 monthly. This wouldn’t be possible if we couldn’t get support from ADRA Bangladesh. The CEP project team guided us to operate the business harmoniously. Today, we’ve achieved financial solvency,” Aziz said joyfully.


Aziz's success was not just due to his hard work and dedication. It was also because he genuinely cared for his customers and always put their needs before his own. This earned him the respect and admiration of everyone in the village.


Today, Aziz's shop is a thriving business that continues to serve the community. He has become a vital part of the village's social fabric, and his shop is not just a place to buy groceries but also a place to catch up with friends and neighbors.


And so, Aziz continues to be a successful grocer and a beloved member of the village community, a shining example of how hard work, honesty, and kindness can lead to success in life.


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