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Overcoming Adversity: The Inspiring Journey of Slum Children in Pursuit of Education

Jihadul Islam Jihad, a 7-year-old kid, attends class II at Tongi Children Education Program (TCEP) of ADRA Bangladesh. Jihad lives in Ershadnagar Slum of Tongi, Gazipur. Most of the slum children in Bangladesh are missing many opportunities. Like other slum children, Jihad encountered hard times in his childhood.

Jihad is struggling in the Ershadnagar Slum of Tongi, Gazipur, to meet the basic needs of life. He is deprived of all the basic requirements of life. He is missing out on a lot of opportunities. Jihad lives in the slum with his family.

They are living in a slum that lacks all the basic amenities. Their house is made of bamboo with a CI sheet roof and floor made of mud. The rooms are very tiny in the slum. They can’t get proper drinking water, which disrupts their daily life. They suffer a lot due to the lack of a garbage management system. People throw garbage everywhere in the slum, which causes odor.

Apart from this, Jihad never enjoyed affection from his father and never saw him due to the consequences of his mother’s separation from his father on the day of his birth. Leaving all the torments behind, Jihad’s mother, Jhorna Begum, was able to educate her child with the help of ADRA Bangladesh.

Jihad enrolled in TCEP back in 2021, when he was five. Now, he attends class II. He is very keen to learn and attends classes regularly. Jihad learned a lot of new things from TCEP. He has learned to keep himself clean and disciplined and respect the elders and teachers.

He receives educational materials such as school uniforms, bags, and shoes. He enjoys a daily nutritious lunch from TCEP. TCEP also provides basic health checkup support for its children.

ADRA Bangladesh is working tirelessly to improve the lives of the slum children in Ershadnagar through its TCEP project. Unless the children living in this slum never get the opportunity to accomplish their primary education.


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