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World Environment Day 2021 and Its Significance

World Environment Day is held each year on June 5. It is one of the major vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action.

World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Another resolution, adopted by the General Assembly the same day, led to the creation of UNEP. It is hosted every year by a different city and commemorated with an international exposition through the week of June 5.

Its annual celebration is based on a special theme declared by the United Nations to work positively in that direction. The celebration of this campaign is organized by different cities every year, during which an international exhibition takes place for the entire week. The United Nations made people aware of it and promoting the environment through this campaign celebration. It is an effective annual campaign to positively gain public action and political attention.

We belong to the environment, it is very important for everyone’s life because life is possible because of the environment. All human beings, animals, natural flora, trees, trees, weather, climate are all contained under the environment. The environment not only works to maintain balance in the climate but also provides all the things necessary for life.


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