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TCEP School Building Inauguration Ceremony

ADRA Bangladesh is steering its education projects with an aim to improve the living conditions, educational, and healthy environment of slum children for decades. ADRA recognizes education as the foundation for human development and a key determinant of social and economic growth. Through learning and the acquisition of skills, individuals develop the capacity for positive societal transformation and a sense of dignity and self-worth.

ADRA Bangladesh is also educating the parents of slum children through its adult literacy session successfully. ADRA is taking care of the slum children and preparing them so they can get enrolled in the government primary school.

ADRA in Bangladesh has been working in Ershad Nagar slum in Tongi since 1972 serving the community by providing quality formal education to children from pre-primary to primary. At present, ADRA is operating an education project in Tongi known as Tongi Children Education Program (TCEP).

ADRA Bangladesh has been working tirelessly to provide better classrooms for underprivileged slum children. Subsequently, ADRA Bangladesh has built a new school building in the TCEP school compound with the help of ADRA Korea. Recently, ADRA Bangladesh authority has organized an inauguration ceremony for uncovering the brand-new school building.

Brendon Irvine, Program Director, ADRA Asia Regional Office; Paston Ikhyun Kim, Country Director, ADRA Korea; Seunghwan Allan Shin, Country Director, ADRA Bangladesh; Sayed Murad Ali, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Gazipur Sadar, Paul Tomal Boidya, Finance Controller, ADRA Bangladesh, and local public figures appeared in the inauguration ceremony.

TCEP mainly supports the slum children who are more vulnerable, drop out of school, work in the streets collecting recycles due to financial problems, and children who wander around, and are not going to school.


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