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Poverty Did Not Hold Back Tara Banu’s Success

Tara Banu Begum, a 48-year-old woman, had a dream that she would become self-reliant through her efforts by getting educated. Her biggest wish was to become independent and get rid of the curse of poverty.

Tara Banu lives in a village in Daulatpur Upazila of Manikganj district. Her husband, Habibur Rahman, is a farmer by profession. The income of her husband is poor. They can’t afford the expenses of their family with such little earnings.

“I couldn’t afford the educational expenses of my child Abul Hossain due to financial problems. Thus, he had to discontinue his studies. I was struggling for survival. We had to pass many days starving.” Said Tara Banu.

Tara Banu is a regular member of the No. 2 Jokapara Doel Mohila Unnaion Shomity (Women Development Group) of Community Empowerment Project (CEP) – Daulatpur, Manikganj of ADRA Bangladesh.

She attends meetings and participates in various types of training such as poultry training, education training on husband-and-wife rights, training in vegetable cultivation, etc. After completing the vegetable training, she started vegetable cultivation on fallow land. She fulfills some of her financial needs by selling vegetables to her neighbors and in the markets.

“I took a loan of BDT 20,000 from the Shomity. I bought a cow with a calf. I used to get three liters of milk every day. I started to sell milk at BDT 60/Ltr in the local market. By selling milk in the market, I could earn BDT 5,400 each month.” Said Tara Banu.

Now, the total earning of Tara Banu and her husband is BDT. 10,000. Tara Banu can handle the expenses of her family. She sends her child to the school again. Tara Banu Begum has obtained financial stability. She is enjoying a much better life than before.

“I would like to thank ADRA Bangladesh for helping me to restore my dignity and obtain financial solvency.” Tara Banu showed her gratitude to ADRA Bangladesh.


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