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International Day of Epidemic Preparedness 2022

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness is celebrated on 27 December every year by carrying out educational activities.

According to a WHO statement, the hour must invest in systems that can help detect, control and respond to outbreaks that can disrupt health systems, supply chains, and livelihoods of particularly the poorest countries.

Universal health crises threaten to devastate already overstrained health systems, interrupt global supply chains, and cause inconsistent destruction of the livelihoods of people, including women and children, and the economies of the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

Preparing our societies to better face future pandemics means building resilient and robust health systems which can reach everyone including the most vulnerable people, sharing and applying lessons learned on epidemic management, and strengthening international cooperation and multilateralism on health concerns.

Expanding public awareness, swapping information, delivering quality education, and forming epidemic awareness programs at the local, national, and transnational levels are crucial as they are effective measures to stem pandemics and respond to them.

International collaboration and multilateralism play an essential role in the response to epidemics.


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