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Handicrafts Business in the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Many women from about 5 villages in Daulatpur Upazila of Manikganj are becoming self-reliant by making handicrafts, playing a key role in contributing financially to their families.

The artisans make a variety of products like hamper baskets, handbags of different sizes while they are able to work from the comfort of their homes.

Community Empowerment Project (CEP) – Daulatpur, Manikganj of ADRA in Bangladesh is encouraging women especially housewives so they can engage themselves in Income Generating Activities (IGA) and can earn money. CEP is empowering women with an aim to make them capable to contribute to their families financially.

Women are engaging themselves in IGA enthusiastically as they are getting the opportunity to establish themselves in society. Through this intervention, women can obtain the identity of an entrepreneur.

CEP-Daulatpur, Manikganj is organizing training for underprivileged women to build their capacity. Many women have been able to achieve financial stability by adopting income-generating activities.

ADRA believes women in the remote areas can get financial emancipation if the government comes forward to encourage them and provides institutional training.


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