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COVID-19 Situation in Bangladesh

The COVID-19 pandemic has been showing a quick growth in the number of infected patients with a noteworthy mortality rate in Bangladesh. The current wave of COVID-19 has been demonstrated to be the deadliest in Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh are experiencing a tough time amid the potential lockdown period.

The country registered 12,96,093 COVID-19 cases where the total number of deceased is 21,397 so far [source:]. The death count continues to climb, while confirmed cases have been surprising daily. Every day people are dying due to the lack of life-saving oxygen. With an aim to ease the contamination the government of Bangladesh has imposed a lockdown.

People in the lower-income groups have been the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, of the 25 million workers who work on wages and salary, at least 10 million are dependent on their daily incomes. Many people have lost their livelihood during the pandemic. Now, it is high time for the government as well as business enterprises to assess the situation and chalk out a long-term plan to control the damage.

Like countries around the world, Bangladesh has also closed educational institutions since March to inhibit the spread of COVID-19. After the closing of institutions, extreme uncertainty flourished among students, and above 3.15 million tertiary students faced this doubtfulness. In this adverse situation, students started to feel anxiety, depression, and self-harm.

The government of Bangladesh has started a mass vaccination campaign across the country. In this regard, the government counterparts are raising public awareness and encouraging people to take the vaccine. People are taking the vaccine spontaneously.

The government, different organizations, experts like doctors, researchers, biotechnologists as well as the general people must function actively and simultaneously to overcome the devastating effects of COVID-19.


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