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Bringing Hope through Vegetable Gardening

Golzar Mia (35) lives in Sametpur village of Daulatpur Upazila in Manikganj district. His wife is a member of Group No. 8 of the Sametpur Daulatpur Mohila Unnayan Dol. He is a male counterpart member of that group. His wife's name is Shima Akter (30). Golzar studied up to the fifth standard.

Golzar has no cultivated land except the 22 decimals of the land of his residence. He works as a day laborer and lives in poverty with his wife and three children. It becomes difficult for him to continue the education of his children with his little income.

In 2019, when the representative of the Community Empowerment Project of ADRA Bangladesh went to Sametpur village to form a female group, Golzar’s wife Shima Akhtar decided to join the group. Finally, she joined the group, and her husband became the male counterpart. Therefore, Golzar got a chance to receive training on modern agricultural production from the project. He received training on vegetable cultivation from ADRA Bangladesh and cultivated mixed crops on 16 decimals of land.

Shima deposits regular savings in the Shomity (CBO). At present, she has savings of BDT. 2,590. Shima took a loan of BDT. 10,000 from her Shomity (CBO) and bought an old rickshaw van for BDT 7,000 and a digital weighing machine for BDT 3,000. Shima and her husband pick up vegetables and sell them daily using their rickshaw van. Now, they are earning BDT 300-400 daily.

In 2022, Golzar again took a mortgage of 33 decimals of land. He took a loan of TK 10,000 from the Shomity (CBO) and produced cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, pepper, broccoli, and watermelon seedlings. He sold them in the market and earned BDT. 35,000.

Besides, he is earning an average of BDT. 500-600 per day by cultivating mixed crops such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, tomato, radish, squash, pepper, brinjal, red cabbage, etc. His wife Shima receives tailoring training from ADRA Bangladesh. She earns an average of BDT. 2,000 per month by doing sewing work. At present, both Shima and Golzar are earning an average of BDT. 18,000-20,000 per month.

Golzar is planning to get more training in vegetable farming, benefit from early vegetable production and help other farmers to grow vegetables. Golzar is now a successful farmer in the community. He hopes ADRA Bangladesh will continue such services in the future.


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