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ADRA is Ensuring Primary Education for the Slum Children in Bangladesh

Education is the most important element of any nation. But this important component is diminishing in the slum areas of Bangladesh. Many organizations are working to promote education for slum children.

ADRA identifies child education as the foundation for human development and a key determinant of social and economic growth. By acquiring education, children can develop the capacity for positive societal transformation and a sense of dignity and self-worth.

ADRA in Bangladesh is driving its education projects with an aim to develop the living conditions, educational, and healthy environment of slum children for decades. ADRA in Bangladesh is also educating the parents of the slum children through its adult literacy program effectively. ADRA is taking care of the slum children and formulating them so they can get enrolled in the government primary school.

Since most of the families in the slum areas don’t have the ability to bear the educational expenses for their children, ADRA is offering free educational materials for the slum children. It provides books, pencils, school uniforms, and all other stuff needed for the deprived children.

Apart from this, ADRA is offering nutritious meals for disadvantaged children as well. As the slum children are missing many opportunities in the slum, they don’t get nutritious foods which impact their health. Most of the slum children are malnourished. In this regard, ADRA is providing them with nutritious meals.

Children are receiving medical consultations as a part of the education project. A child specialist and gynecologist serve in specific projects to address child health problems. The project offers basic medication according to check-ups and consultations with the doctor.

ADRA in Bangladesh brings out positive behavioral changes among slum children. ADRA is working relentlessly to amplify the importance of education by organizing awareness sessions for slum dwellers.


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