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ADRA Spreads the Light of Literacy in Bangladesh

ADRA in Bangladesh is steering its education projects with an aim to improve the living conditions, educational, and healthy environment of slum children for 10 years. ADRA emphasized child education especially for the underprivileged slum children across the country. ADRA established a child education center targeting the slum areas of Bangladesh so the distressed children can get the opportunity to receive basic education.

ADRA in Bangladesh is also focusing on the adult literacy program as ADRA is providing the opportunity for the parents to obtain basic literacy knowledge from its education center. Apart from this, ADRA is taking care of the slum children and preparing them so they can get enrolled in the government primary school.

Through learning and skills acquisition, children develop a sense of dignity and self-worth. Parents are constantly involved in their children's development, receive the awareness of child rights and social issues, and are encouraged to discover their vocational skills. The project teaches mothers basic literacy classes and builds caregivers' capacity in different areas.

Mothers and children receive medical consultation as a part of the Education project. A child specialist and gynecologist serve in specific projects to address child and maternal health problems. The project offers basic medication according to check-up and consultation with the doctor at the project.

ADRA is working vigorously across the country to transform lives by ensuring the fundamental education for the underprivileged communities.

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