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COVID-19: Bangladesh has Besieged with the Nuisance

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has appeared as the greatest challenge by stressing every one of the countries it touches. Bangladesh has been struggling with the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. A substantial wave of the novel virus is blowing over the country.

As of June 22, 2020, the number of novel coronavirus cases in Bangladesh topped 1,15,786 including 1,502 deaths. So far 46,755 people have recovered from the virus*.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is such a fatal disease that forced us to live in uncharted territory. Many of our neighborhoods are unrecognizable from even a week ago.

People who were sustaining on daily wages are starving as they have lost their livelihoods. Millions need food. Every day, people are losing jobs and income, with no way of knowing when normality will return.

Essentially, many Bangladeshis, like rickshaw pullers, earn their living through jobs that require them to go out to work. For them, there is no work-from-home option. Thus, social distancing is a luxury to them.

ADRA in Bangladesh has started working to reach out to the people in need in both rural and urban areas so they can build resilience against the deadly virus and stop the spread of the virus by taking preventive measures.

“I’m lucky to be a beneficiary of Community Empowerment Project (CEP), Daulatpur, Manikganj of ADRA in Bangladesh as I’ve received a food package from ADRA which I need most. I’ve lost my earnings due to the lockdown situation. I’ve received a food package from ADRA which helps me to arrange meals for my family members for a few days,” said Lutufa a poor housewife with a glimpse of hope in her face.

ADRA has targeted to supply food packages among 6000 families across the country in the first phase. ADRA is working closely with its stakeholders and valued donors to foster more funds in helping the affected people so they can better cope with the virus.

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