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Bringing Hope through Shomobay Shomity

Mabiya Begum a 32-year-old housewife was living in Mollahpara village under the Daulatpur sub-district of Manikganj district with her husband Atoar Hossain, one son and daughter. Her sufferings knew no bounds as her husband had no fixed source of income. Her husband worked here and there as a day laborer and it was very hard for him to maintain his family by the little income. Mabiya was looking for a way to get rid of that situation.

Mabiya was sharing her distress with her neighbors. She was seeking for a job so she could earn and contribute to her family financially. She drowned into despair as her family situation was getting down more and more. She couldn’t educate her children due to poverty. Mabiya kept searching for an earning source.

Mabiya came to know about ADRA and its interventions from one of its community workers. Immediately she went to visit the ADRA field office in her locality to know more about its activities. She found hope! Mabiya subscribed to a women group operated by ADRA in Bangladesh which was registered by the government cooperative department. There she received different training such as cow, goat, duck, poultry and pigeon rearing.

Mabiya started poultry, duck and pigeon rearing on a small scale and was getting profit which was very helpful for their family. But it was not enough to meet their family needs. She was thinking of starting a business by which she could earn a good sum of money and could maintain her family flawlessly.

Therefore, both Mabiya and her husband decided to take a loan of Tk. 50,000 from the Shomity and started a shop of the household appliances (silver, steel, plastic, and iron items) at Daulatpur bazar. After a very short time, they found it profitable as their sales improved beyond their expectations.

“Now, we’re selling Tk. 7,000-8,000 and getting Tk. 500-600 profit daily. We’re concentrating more to extend our sales,” Mabiya was saying happily.

Besides their business, Mabiya’s husband is working as a part-time basis on decorative works for different parties and functions where he decors gates, pandals, etc. Now, Mabiya can repay the loan by depositing the installment with ease.

At present, her children are continuing their studies. Mabiya can afford three meals for her children and she can meet all her family needs. Mabiya is depositing her savings in the cooperative regularly.

“I want to extend our business and also want to start a duck & poultry farm commercially. ADRA has changed my life by providing enormous support,” Mabiya was unfolding her dreams and showed gratitude to ADRA.

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