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Asma Brings Back Her Fortune

Asma Begum a 32-year-old housewife is an Income Generating Activity (IGA) volunteer for CEP Group of Pathantula area under Gouripur Upazila of Mymensingh district. When she joined ADRA WEP Group (now CEP Group), she was straggling to get a better life. She was distressed and tormented by her conjugal life and her sufferings knew no bounds. She was seeking for a better life aiming to get rid of this sort of disturbance and eventually she came to know about the WEP group of ADRA Bangladesh and joined the group. Then she never had to look back.

“I am Asma Begum wife of Fajlul Haque. I am living in Begbar village under Bokainagor union of Gouripur Upazila. My husband is a carpenter. I have one daughter and two sons. My daughter attends class seven, one son attends class two and another is very young who is 4 years old. My husband is very lazy and does not work properly. He earns Tk. 8,000 per month but I cannot full-fill the demand of my children with this little income. My family members and neighbors ignore me as my husband tortures me by uttering slangs he also tortures me physically. He always engaged with anti-social activities,” Asma was unfolding her disturbance.

Asma came to know about ADRA Bangladesh and its activities from her neighbors. Then she met ADRA Bangladesh staff with the help of her neighbor. Gradually, she learned about WEP group activities and policies. She decided to join the group in 2012. She used to participate in all sorts of activities regularly which was executed by the Group e.g. group session, training, workshop. The group members then selected her as an IGA volunteer and she got three days training from ADRA project. Due to satisfactory participation in different project activities and a lot of hard works, group members were pleased and pondered her as an excellent group member. Then she planned to take a loan from the Group. The first time, she took a loan of Tk. 5,000 from the group and she bought a cow by Tk. 14,000. After a year, she sold the cow at Tk. 32,000.

“Since I have the ability to earn a good amount of money to maintain my family, my husband is very happy and treats me as his wife even after a long time. He is trying to change his attitude and wants to help me in all walks of my life,” said Asma with a smiley face.

Later, Asma and her husband took decision mutually in terms of taking a loan. Asma took the second loan of Tk. 40,000 from the group and took 22 decimals of land as a mortgage. She started to cultivate rice in her land and in the first season she got 560 kg of rice which was adequate. She sold 200 kg of rice at Tk. 4,000 and consume the rest of their own.

“Nowadays, I receive huge compliments from my family members and the community people honor me as I have become successful by joining ADRA group. My husband is very happy and supports me so I can execute my daily activities flawlessly,” said Asma spontaneously.

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