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Hard Work Is the Key to Success: Kulsum Begum Life Case

Have you ever felt the pain of losing someone you love? It seems like an endless nightmare, and for Kulsum Begum losing her husband was more than should bear.

“I lost my husband about seventeen years ago,” said Kulsum Begum, as she shared with us her story. We are four members in my family and now we are living in a village called Uttar Boinnya Jionpur, in Daulatpur which is under the Manikganj district. My elder daughter Hasina, she is 25 years old, my son Hasan he is 23 years old, and my youngest son Hossain he is 17 years old. We have faced so many difficult situations, like the divorced of my daughter Hasina who is now staying with us and works selling garments in Dhaka. Life was so hard that surviving was really painful.

One day, I got the opportunity to join ADRA Bangladesh and after joining I have received different types of training, like the cow and goat rearing, duck and poultry rearing, producing Vermicompost and cultivating my own vegetable garden. Thanks to these trainings, I have four cows which give us 5-8 liters of milk every day and helps support our expenses.

After consuming 1.5 liters of milk, we are selling the rest in the local market and that is helping us to increase our family income. I also have 8 goats, ducks, and poultry and I am getting 8-10 eggs which are also a good support for my family. I am also using the knowledge of Vermicompost, and I have my own vegetable garden in my house, which is a big help and provision for our family. Thanks to all the training I have received, my family is having more income sources and it’s all because of the support of ADRA Bangladesh.

Before, life was hard for us, we did not even have access to clean water and that brought many diseases in my family, but we have also received a hand pump tube well from ADRA Bangladesh, and that is our source of pure water and I am very proud to say that there is no more sickness in our family, and even my neighbors are also benefited using this tube well.

I am really grateful to ADRA Bangladesh for standing beside us and helping us to live in better conditions. Because of them, we are improving our family lifestyle and we feel happier and protected.

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