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Emergency Relief - Cyclone and flood

Bangladesh is a country with high risk of natural disasters. According to Wikipedia, the country occupies the 5th positions among the countries with the highest number of natural disasters. “With about 700 kilometers of coastline, Bangladesh is exposed to cyclones and is often battered by deadly storms. Seven of the top ten deadliest storms in recorded history have occurred in either Bangladesh or Myanmar, according to CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri.”

ADRA Bangladesh has been working in different kinds of emergency relief during many years in the country. The agency selects beneficiaries regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, creed or political affiliation.

This year the Cyclone Mora arrived on May 30, Tuesday morning, and it caused landfall between the fishing port of Cox's Bazar and the city of Chittagong, with winds of up to 117 km/h (73mph) according BBC news. Authorities in Bangladesh moved more than a million people to shelters. The storm flattened almost every shanty home made of tin, bamboo and plastic.

On June 4, ADRA Bangladesh helped approximately 3,500 people affected in Cox’s Bazar, delivering package food for 700 families.

On July 10, 11 and 12, ADRA Bangladesh delivered package food with 15 kg of rice, 5 kg of lentils, 2 kg of sugar and 2 liters of oil, to 6,000 families, which is approximately 30,000 people. The funds came from ADRA network and LDS Charities. The local government and the local NGO Agrajattra were involved in this operation. On the distribution day beneficiaries came with the authorization card to receive relief goods.

Meanwhile, the strong rain made a series of landslides in Rangamatti, Chittagong, and killed 160 people, in June. A girl Anng Chi Marma, 12 years old, lost her mother, father, brother and sister as victims of the catastrophe. ADRA Bangladesh helped 260 families affected delivering emergency relief. Each family received 4,000 taka which is $50 from the project.

From August 21th to 24th, ADRA Bangladesh delivered shelter items for 1,740 families. Each family received 2 bundles of dhew Tin, 1 hammer, 500g of nails and 80 pcs of roofing nails. The funds came from ADRA China and the Government of Hong Kong special administrative region. ADRA Bangladesh implemented the project in Chakaria and Kutubdia where many people lost the houses after cyclone Mora. It was implemented in partnership with Agrajattra, a local NGO.

On August 26th and August 27th, ADRA Bangladesh delivered food package to 1,500 families affected by flood in Manikganj, west central of the country. The team of Empowering Flood Prone Communities Project (EFPPCP) implemented the project and it was funded by ADRA Bangladesh.

On 27th and 28th of August, ADRA Bangladesh delivered emergency relief to 250 families affected by flood in Dinajpur, northwest of the country. Each family received 4,000 taka which is $50.00 US dollars. ADRA International funds this project.

As the country is facing a worst flood, where more than 7 million people are affected, ADRA Bangladesh is doing the best to help them.

If you want help please contact us!

Emergency Relief to Cyclone Victims

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