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Volunteers from South Korea

On the first Monday of March, ADRA Bangladesh greeted 19 guests from South Korea who came to Bangladesh as a Korean Volunteer Team member. Most of the volunteers work at Sahmyook Foods, an Adventist food company that is very popular in South Korea for producing healthy and delicious food items. Sahmyook Foods encourages their employees to do volunteer service and sends at least 1 overseas volunteer team every year.

The volunteers divided into a building and medical team. Nine members of the building team worked only at Tongi Children Education Program, renovating the school by laying bricks to make a special space for morning assembly during the raining season, painting the main gate, computer labs and other small buildings. The medical team of 10 people was busy visiting the four ADRA projects in Dhaka city. They are experts in acupuncture and no matter who would come, child or adult, with whatever type of pain they have; the medical team treated their patient in the best way possible. As a result a total of 554 slum people were benefitted: 226 in Tongi, 169 in Chalantika and 149 in Mirpur-9. Children, family members and those of the community were so appreciative and hope that the team will come again.

On March 10, an Int’l Beauty & Health Expo was held on Dhaka Adventist Pre-seminary School campus. Once again the volunteer team gathered altogether along with local partners to help serve more people who live near campus. During the week the volunteers asked many questions about Bangladesh because they could see the challenges and hopes in each place they went. One volunteer said, “I think I can do something more for Bangladesh people”. Yes, we expect many other people in the world to also think in the same way to support Bangladesh with their time, money and heart. Then we can make our earth brighter and warmer!

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