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Makeup Your Dream Project (MYDP)


Location: Mirpur-6, Dhaka

Donors: Community Chest of Korea and ADRA Korea

Direct Beneficiaries: 50

Indirect Beneficiaries: 200

Total Beneficiaries: 250

Project Duration: 01/05/2022 to 31/12/2024

Total Budget: 7,239,538 (2022)

NGO Bureau Approval Date:

NGO Bureau  Approval Reference No.:


Project Goal:


Vocational education and employment support to support the self-reliance of out-of-school youth in Dhaka city.



Key Activities:


  • Enrolment of students with the vocational training session 

  • Technical training session for student  

  • Linkage with the job market 

  • Communication with the youth development training center, UCEP, and local NGOs

  • Parents and guardians meeting at the center

  • Home Visits

  • Job fair 

  • Relevant technical training for student

  • Public relations within the community for recruitment and employment

  • Performance monitoring of student

  • Parents awareness sessions

  • Problem-based workshop



Project Description:


Every year, countless children drop out of school and lose the opportunity to complete their education in Bangladesh. This problem has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. ADRA Bangladesh has taken up this issue and has paved the way for underprivileged children to take advantage of employment opportunities. In 2022, ADRA Bangladesh launched the Makeup Your Dream Project (MYDP) to provide vocational training and employment support to out-of-school youth in the city of Dhaka.


In 2022, the project successfully trained 37 beauticians from over 50 participants. They received 3 months long in-class beautification training in hair, skincare, and make-up, and were linked to local beauty parlors and skin care shops for the 3 months internship. Additionally, job fairs, community service, networking sessions for the beauty parlors, and community awareness workshops were held to support the participants to practice their skills and get support from the community.

Thanks to the support, 35 out of 37 graduates were successfully employed. Besides, some of them could generate income at home with the make-up set the project provided. For many of them, it was their first job and income.

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