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Water and Sanitation Support Project (WSSP)


Location: Manikganj

Donor: Water for All, Sweden

Total Beneficiaries: 5,000

Project Duration: 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2026

Total Budget: BDT 4,600,000



Project Goal:


Ensure safe drinking water and a sealed sanitary latrine for the targeted community.

Key Activities:


  • Baseline survey for selection and enrollment.

  • Provide sanitary latrine equipment.

  • Provide tubewell to the targeted community people.

  • Conducting Health Awareness Session

  • Focus, Forum group meeting & parents meeting

Project Description:

The WSSP project is being implemented in Manikganj district. The goal of this project is to improve the targeted community's quality of life by giving them access to safe water and other WASH training opportunities. The project established a Student WASH Brigade Committee in three schools. The committee is responsible for maintaining a clean learning environment. The project constructed a charcoal filter to provide 24 families with access to iron-free drinking water. The project provided 55 sets of water-sealed latrines to selected community members to encourage better hygiene habits. In addition, 28 tube wells were distributed for household use (cooking, washing clothes, etc.).


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