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Shukumar Achieved Financial Emancipation by Adopting SRI

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a method by which farmers can get optimum yields than the contemporary methods. ADRA in Bangladesh is implementing SRI across the country through its Community Empowerment Project (CEP). Nowadays, SRI has become very popular among the peasant communities in Dacope, Khulna. Many farmers are adopting SRI as they’re getting almost double produces applying this technology for growing rice.

Shukumar Roy – a marginalized farmer living in the Tatultala village of Dacope Upazilla in the Khulna district. He has 132 decimals of cultivable land. He isn’t familiar with the SRI method. Many farmers like Shukumar don’t know how to apply the SRI method for growing rice. ADRA in Bangladesh is promoting SRI through its Community Empower Project (CEP) in Dacope, Khulna. CEP project staff are working closely with the marginalized farmers in the coastal areas to improve their livelihood.

Shukumar came to know about ADRA from one of its field workers. “I found ADRA by one of the field staff. I received detailed information about ADRA and its intervention and decided to enroll my wife in its Mohila Unnayan Shomity.” Shukumar added, “My wife got enrolled in the Jui Mohila Unnayan Group. After her enrollment, she got the opportunity to attain all the activities of CEP – Dacope, Khulna.”

Shukumar received training on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) from CEP – Dacope, Khulna. He applied the SRI method for producing rice on his lands and started to follow the complete guidance from CEP. He applied the SRI method on 33 decimals of land. He was following the planting, water management, fertilizer doses, and distancing.

“This year I got 1000 kg of paddy from my own land. Before I got 480 kg of paddy from the same land. I preserved 30 kg of seeds from the paddy. BRAC and our community people collect the seeds from me. I’m delighted as ADRA paved the way for my life. Now, I’ve achieved financial emancipation,” Shukumar said cheerfully.


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