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International Day of Charity 2021 and Its Significance

International Day of Charity is an internationally celebrated day on 5th September, which promotes charitable efforts made to assuage poverty worldwide. This day also focuses on the role played by several charitable organizations around the world and actions that have created more inclusive and resilient societies.

Poverty exists in every country around the globe, from powerful industrial nations to developing countries. It continues to affect millions of people, regardless of their social and cultural situations and is a barrier to true prosperity and equality.

On December 17, 2012, the UN-designated September 5 as the International Day of Charity, which was first celebrated in 2013. Also, this day was created by the Hungarian Civil society initiative in 2011 with the support of the Hungarian parliament and Government. 5 September is selected as the Date to celebrate the International Day of Charity because this date commemorates the anniversary of the passing of Mother Teresa who worked tirelessly for the people who are in need, to overcome poverty, distress, and suffering of the poorest in the world.

International Day of Charity reminds us to give back - it’s very easy to live our lives and forget about all the discrimination in the world. International Day of Charity helps bring our attention back and raise awareness for all the little ways we can help.


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