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From Homemaker to Entrepreneur: The Success Story of a Housewife

Selina Khatun was born into a needy family. Due to poverty, her family married her off early. She was experiencing hard times after getting married.

Selina lives in Nandigram village of Gouripur Upazila in Mymensingh district. She has one son Md. Hazrat Ali (9 years old), and one daughter Nusrat Jahan Faria (5 years old). Hazrat studies in Madrasa, and Nusrat is attending class one. The name of her spouse is Md. Shahidul Islam.

The financial condition of Selina’s family was not well. Her husband lived in an extended family. They were living in one house along with three families together. The house is made of bricks and a CI sheet roof.

Shahidul had only 20 decimals of land for cultivation. Apart from this, he had a small grocery shop. But it was hard to meet the expenses of their extended family. After some days, her father-in-law separated them from the family.

“I was earning around BDT. 1,000-1,500 from the grocery shop. I was exhausted from maintaining the family expenses with such a small income. It was difficult for me to afford the educational cost for my children. I was thinking of expanding my business while I was struggling to arrange money.” Shahidul unfolded his challenges.

In 2019, the Community Empowerment Project (CEP) of ADRA Bangladesh started its work in the Nandigram area. After hearing about the activities of ADRA Bangladesh, Selina was interested in joining the Shomity.

“After enrolling into Shomity, I actively participated in all activities and started to deposit savings. After a few weeks, I applied for a loan from the Shomity. Since I was very active and enthusiastic, the management committee of the Shomity approved my loan application. As a result, I got the first loan worth BDT. 10,000 (Ten Thousand Taka) from the Shomity. I sold my jewelry and got BDT. 20,000. So, I could arrange BDT. 30,000 in total to expand our grocery business.” Selina explained her venture toward success.

Selina bought goods and supplies for their shop with the whole money. The approach brought a good result, and their daily sales increased drastically. Gradually, she paid off her first loan, and the CEP authority was pleased to see her progress. Later, Selina took a second loan from BDT. 30,000 (Thirty Thousand Taka) and bought a cow.

At present, Selina is earning around BDT. 10,000-12,000 from the grocery shop per month. Selina has received different trainings from ADRA, such as System of Rice Intensification (SRI), Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), Vermicomposting, and Homestead Vegetable Cultivation. Selina utilizes her training by cultivating paddy using the SRI method, producing Vermicompost, and growing vegetables using Vermicompost and CSA methods.

Salina Begum and her husband are intensely involved with the grocery shop business. Through this income, they can manage their family expenditure smoothly. They can support their children with study equipment.

“I made a tin shed house for my family. Now, I’m living happily with my husband and children in my home. At present, our family is free of financial crises. We are pleased, and thank ADRA Bangladesh for helping change our lives.” Selina showed her gratitude towards ADRA.


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