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ADRA Bangladesh has Inaugurated the Boat Clinic: A New Dimension of Medical Services

ADRA in Bangladesh has inaugurated an innovative medical service for the underprivileged community people in the coastal areas of the country. The intervention introducing Boat Clinic services to the villagers of four Wards of Tildanga Union under the Dakop sub-district of Khulna District. Dr. Myun Ju Lee, President of Bangladesh Adventist Union Mission (BAUM) and member of ADRA Bangladesh Board inaugurated the Boat Clinic. ADRA Bangladesh Board Chairman and BAUM Executive Secretary Pr. Timothy Roy, ADRA Bangladesh Board Member and BAUM Treasurer Mrs. Sweetie Ritchil, Mr. Stifan Baidya, Finance Controller, ADRA Bangladesh, and Mrs. Myun Ju Lee attended the event.

The Boat Clinic will cover nearly 48,800 people in the coastal belt within the project period, where people are deprived of medication and health services. The boat clinic is expected to continue serving the people with local people’s involvement. The destitute people in the local community are delighted and highly appreciated the effort of ADRA Bangladesh.

The targeted area is riverine, which has waterways around the villages. This Boat Clinic will station through areas according to the schedules and venues. The Boat Clinic has certified medical personnel to provide immediate basic treatment and linked to specialized doctors where possible. Community people can avail of the treatment from the boat clinic with some cost, and pharmacies linked so that patients have to access the medicines at a reasonable cost.

When people are suffering a lot in terms of medication due to the covid-19 pandemic, this innovative intervention from ADRA has become the beacon of hope for the community. “The Boat Clinic has appeared before us as a blessing of God. This will help and save lives in our locality as we don’t get proper medical support. We have to go to the town for visiting a doctor which takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money,” Aporna Kobiraj, a 35-year-old housewife unfolded her gratification.

“The boat clinic is a 'dream-come-true' for ADRA Bangladesh. ADRA has been working in Dakop for years and felt the need around health services and wished to work on that aspect. Through the Private Grants window of ADRA International, blessings have reached communities in the remote coastal areas in Khulna. The communities that the 'clinic' is intended to serve lack access to quality medical services. ADRA Bangladesh is happy to be by their side. Because of many challenges, the clinic had to start late, but I hope it can operate successfully and reach its goal. The project will work in close coordination with community-based organizations to get the best result. I wish the clinic the best and will be happy to see it continue for long.” says ADRA Bangladesh Programs Director Lucille Sircar.

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