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ADRA Provides Food Support to Cyclone Amphan Affected Families

Amphan, the most powerful cyclone made landfall on 20th May 2020 in the coastal districts of Bangladesh. There had been heavy impairment, especially in southwestern Bangladesh.

The menace demolished the roads, infrastructures, houses and caused an irreparable loss to the livelihood in Dacope Upazila of Khulna district which located in the coastal lines of Bangladesh. During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyclone Amphan brought a double nuisance for the afflicted community people.

Thousands of people have lost their livelihood due to the catastrophe. The affected people are leading a miserable life. They need food, shelter and safe drinking water to survive. ADRA, the government, and several other organizations are working to ease the torments of the afflicted community.

ADRA Bangladesh is assisting people in Khulna District for decades, with various projects. ADRA became a cohesive part of the society. ADRA is steering Community Empowerment Project (CEP) in Dacope, Khulna aiming to build resilience and empower the underprivileged people.

CEP has come forward intending to helping the cyclone Amphan affected families meeting up their basic needs. CEP has distributed food packages among the affected families with the help of ADRA Sweden, SIDA and SMC by which each family can arrange their meals at least for a week. CEP has also distributed non-food items e.g. bucket, mat, clothes so the afflicted people can better cope with the hardship.

The emergency response team of ADRA in Bangladesh is frequently monitoring the overall situation of the affected families. People are happy to receive food aid and support from ADRA Bangladesh.

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