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Capacity Building of Farmers Family (CBFF) Project Helps Transforming Lives

Farmers are the backbone of our country. They are playing a vital role to ensure food security in our society by supplying vegetables in the market. ADRA Bangladesh is operating different types of projects and activities to empower farmers in our society for decades. I’ve seen the endeavor that ADRA Bangladesh has to encourage farmers to come forward and take initiatives so they can bring significant changes in their life.

Capacity Building of Farmers Family (CBFF) project intends to move a step forward and continue to enhance the capacity of participating families through in an integrated manner in four objectives, which will train them to practice enhanced agriculture and benefit from it. Another non-farm earning opportunities and skills will be introduced to the beneficiaries so that subsistence dependency on agriculture reduces and further earning is ensured in combined efforts and diverse income-generating skills; making them aware of the rights and linked to duty bearers as well as being functionally literate and able to manage own business; and finally learning to feel ownership of the small community-based organizations they have formed under project facilitation, save, manage and lead them through practice and confidence-building year by year.

The beneficiaries are receiving support to enhance the capacity of husband and wife from CBFF. The opportunity of the income-generating activities training is helping them to strengthen economically.

After completion of the training successfully the beneficiaries will receive assistance from CBFF as well as their contribution to start a fitting income-generating activity, which may be non-farm. Women will also be engaged in adult literacy and men how to save their seed for next season.

Khadija Begum a 36-year-old housewife received Tailoring Training from CBFF as Income Generating Activity (IGA). She has achieved financial stability.

“I’m very grateful to ADRA for their great effort in changing my life. If ADRA didn’t provide their support, I would never be able to pass through the hurdles in my life,” Khadija showed her gratitude to ADRA.

CBFF is transforming lives of many women like Khadija in Fulbaria Upazila of Mymensingh district through income-generating activities.

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