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World Autism Awareness Day

Autism is a developmental debility that remnants with a person for his or her whole life. This condition affects the brain's functions. The first signs usually appear before a child is three years old.

Autism affects girls and boys of all races and in all geographic regions and has a large impact on children, their families, communities, and societies. The prevalence is currently rising in many countries around the world. Caring for and educating children and young people with this condition places challenges on health care, education and training programs.

World Autism Awareness Day is one of only four specifically health-related UN observance days. The developmental, communication and social problems caused by autism can often lead to discrimination or to of a need for special parental care and medical intervention. Autism Day is meant to counteract any discrimination that may occur against those with autism and their carers by creating greater understanding in societies across the world.

On World Autism Day, public and private organizations all over the world that are dedicated to fighting autism and helping those with autism come together and hold special events. There are often research programs alongside public awareness and fundraising campaigns.

A significant number of children of Bangladesh also suffer from autism, a neurodevelopment disorder, and steps have already been taken to raise awareness about it among parents, families, and in society. Facilities have also been established for their treatment and management locally.

All persons with disabilities have the right to be free from discrimination in the enjoyment of their rights. This includes the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of disability, but also on any other basis such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or another status.

Autism is not a curse! We should cooperate and treat them in a normal way.

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