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Vermicompost Gains Popularity in Bangladesh

Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition process using various species of worms, usually red wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, to create a mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and vermicast.

Vermicomposting, or worm composting, turns kitchen scraps and other green waste into a rich, dark soil that smells like earth and feels like magic. Made of almost pure worm castings, it’s a sort of super compost. Not only is it rich in nutrients but it’s also loaded with the microorganisms that create and maintain healthy soil.

Vermicomposting has gained popularity in both industrial and domestic settings because, as compared with conventional composting, it provides a way to treat organic wastes more quickly. In manure composting, it also generates products that have lower salinity levels.

ADRA in Bangladesh put its attention to promote organic fertilizer among the peasant community aiming to bring out an eco-friendly and sustainable change in the agrarian system of Bangladesh. In this regard, ADRA is organizing a training on Vermicompost and Vermiculture that encourages the peasant community and extends the usability of organic fertilizer.

Several farmers have been able to change their fate by producing Vermicompost. Some farmers are producing on a large scale and selling them in the local market and earning a good sum of money. It helps them to support their family financially.

Nowadays, Vermicompost has become very popular among the peasant communities in Bangladesh. They are applying Vermicompost in their cultivable lands and getting optimum production.

ADRA is patronizing the farmers in the remote areas of Bangladesh so they can produce organic fertilizer like Vermicompost. If the utilization of Vermicompost or organic fertilizer increases throughout the country, people's health could be improved.

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