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The Independence Day of Bangladesh

Independence Day of Bangladesh (Shadhinota Dibos), also referred to as 26 March is a national holiday. It commemorates the country’s declaration of independence from Pakistan on late hours of 25 March 1971. The day is a memorial to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians who died in the subsequent Bangladesh Liberation War.

On 26 March 1971, the independence of Bangladesh was declared and the Liberation War began. The people of then-East Pakistan took part in this war to liberate Bangladesh from the oppression of military leaders of Pakistan. Independence for Bangladesh was gained through a nine-month civil war against the Pakistani Army, which resulted in the loss of about 3 million lives. The Mukti Bahini (Bengali "freedom fighters"), with military support from India, defeated the Pakistani Army on 16 December in the same year, which is celebrated as Victory Day.

Independence Day is commonly associated with parades, political speeches, fairs, concerts, and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, and traditions of Bangladesh. TV and radio stations broadcast special programs and patriotic songs. Generally, a thirty-one gun salute is conducted in the morning. The main streets are decorated with national flags. Different political parties and socio-economic organizations undertake programs to mark the day in a befitting manner.

On this day of independence, we remember with the gratitude and deep respect our freedom fighters, the martyrs of the War of Liberation, the people who lost their near and dear ones. We also express our debt of gratitude to India which not only gave shelter to the refugees from Bangladesh but also helped us with their strong army as the Allied Force to achieve the independence of Bangladesh within a short span of time.

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