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Story of Shefali – A Successful Housewife

Shefali Begum is a poor housewife from Grouripur Upazila of Mymensingh district who has five children (two sons and three daughters). Her husband Abdul Mutaleb is a farmer. So, it’s very difficult for Shefali to maintain a family comprised of seven members. Due to poverty, she was forced to give marry her daughter at an early age and stop educating his elder son. Her son went to Dhaka to work in a shoe factory aiming to contribute to the family financially. All of this is causing her extreme frustration.

In 2012, Women Empowerment Project of ADRA Bangladesh started its operation in this Area. After some days Shefali joined to the Surjokona Mohila Unnayan Shomity and she actively engaged herself to all activities and depositing savings regularly. Very soon she had been selected as a board member of the Shomity.

In the meantime, Mutaleb received a few pieces of training on agriculture from ADRA. After receiving training, he started implementing the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) on his lands which is a scientific method of organic cultivation. “The training and its impact have changed my mind and inspired me for growing more crops. I always think of how I can improve the financial condition of my family,” said Mutaleb.

Shefali’s elder son was working in a shoemaking factory at Dhaka with very low salary and after maintaining his living cost he could not send money in terms of supporting his family financially. Shefali and her husband were very disappointed by thinking of the future of their son. They both decided to start the shoemaking business as their son learned how to make the shoe and operate the business.

They took a decision and planned to start the business with a small investment. For this, they took a loan of Tk. 10,000.00 from the Shomity and started their journey at Gouripur Upazila market. “I have had a dream that one day my son will operate the business and make it bigger. We will get the financial emancipation and live happily with my family,” Shefali unfolded her desire.

At present, 8 people are working as shoemaking labor. After maintaining all expenses, per month they get Tk. 35,000.00 from the business. Shafali’s son is now a businessman. Recently, her son takes another shoemaking shop at Dhaka.

“Now, I collect the order for my factory from different shoe outlets and deliver the order to the outlet on time. When I started this business, I was doing everything (collecting orders, sewing leather according to design, etc.) with my own hands. But now I’m the manager of both factories,” Sobuz Mia son of Shefali was describing the situation of his business.

“I’m very pleased now. I could not educate my elder son for the financial crisis but, I had been able to build the career of my son. My family is not only free from the financial crisis but financially stable as well. We’re enjoying a very happy life and it has been possible, due to the support of ADRA Bangladesh,” Shefali showed her gratitude to ADRA Bangladesh.

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