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TBA Training has Changed My Life

“I’m Helena Begum, wife of Lal Mia. I live in Dharua village under Gouripur Upazila of Mymensingh district. I have one daughter and two sons. My husband is a day laborer. He earns Tk. 6,000 per month. But we can’t afford three meals per day and the basic needs of my family members with this little income. I’m seeking for a suitable job to help my husband so we can mitigate all kinds of needs of my family,” Helena a 31-year-old housewife was unfolding her family situation.

There was a pregnant mother who was carrying twin baby in her womb in the same village where Helena was residing. But the pregnant mother and her family members were not aware of the twin. However, in the due time, her child was delivered in her home by the unskilled Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA). She gave birth of two babies, one was alive and another baby died in the womb before delivery.

They did not take the issue seriously and did not think of any danger. After a couple of hours, the health condition of the pregnant mother turned into a very critical position. In that crucial time, family members took her to the hospital for better treatment. The doctor admitted her in the hospital and started a medical examination. The doctor found that the dead baby was remaining in her womb! The doctor removed that dead baby immediately by doing a successful surgery.

“After hearing the story, I drowned into despair and I realized that a trained Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) was a crying need for our community. I was thinking that I could assist our community people by providing with TBA service if I got proper training on it,” Helena was telling about her dream.

Later, Helena got an opportunity for TBA training which was organized by the Women Empowerment Project (WEP) of ADRA Bangladesh. Since she was a member of the women development group, she willingly joined and received the seven days of training successfully.

“After receiving the training, I started to undertake the delivery cases with strong determination. At present, I’m well-known and an expert Trained Birth Attendant (TBA) in my community. In the meantime, many children were born in my hands in my locality. In my 5-year career, I found two critical cases and sent them to the hospital. Many mothers and children had survived because of my right and timely decisions,” Helena was describing her experience.

By offering TBA service, Helena finds peace and inspiration. On the other hand, due to her good service, the community people are giving her different gifts. The gift worth Tk. 12,000-14,000 per year. Helena is very satisfied with this money and happy at the same time because now she can contribute to her family financially.

Helena is grateful to ADRA Bangladesh as they help to build her career as a TBA and pave the way to assist the local community. “I’m glad to ADRA Bangladesh because they provide me with Tradition Birth Attendant (TBA) training and this training inspired me to help community people and change my life,” said Helena cheerfully.

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