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Rina Has Changed Her Fate by Savings

“Can you believe that a newly married couple is living separately because of poverty? Yes, I’m the specimen of this incident. My husband Md. Tara Mia and I got married in 2007. Soon after our marriage, we had to start living separately because my husband couldn’t manage the household expense”, said Rina Begum, a member of Charakona Mohila Unayan Somittee.

Tara Mia husband of Rina Begum used to work in a rice mill as a day laborer. His daily income was not good enough to run a two members family. Within a few years, Rina Begum gave birth to three daughters in a row. By that time, they had fallen in deep trouble as they had to take care of their daughters. That time they both were struggling financially and mentally. But Rina Begum thought differently as she always had a desire to become financially strong.

“I had a habit of saving money, I always saved a little amount of money from my husband’s low income. One day I noticed some of the women of our community were going to attend a meeting and I asked one of them about their meeting then she told me about the project WEP of ADRA Bangladesh. One day she took me to the meeting and I became a member of WEP”, Rina Begum was describing how she became a member of WEP Project.

In the year of 2012, Rina Begum became a member of Charakona Mohila Unnayan Somittee. She took a loan from the somittee and helped her husband. After about three years her husband was able to purchase a machine for the rice mill and started his own business.

Now, they have a small local rice mill and they are financially stable. Besides this business, her husband started cultivation. In this season her husband applied the Climate Smart Agriculture method in his land and produced a different variety of seasonal vegetables. He acquired optimal production which meets their family needs and got financial support by selling those vegetables.

Not too long ago, the couple struggled to attain financial solidity and worried about taking care of their three daughters. Rina’s husband had previously approached several commercial banks to obtain a loan but was consistently rejected.

After receiving a loan from WEP of ADRA Bangladesh, Rina purchased a machine for the rice mill of her husband and deliberately grew their business.

Because of the profit from their mill, Rina doesn’t worry anymore about feeding or educating her three daughters and is looking forward to making their mill bigger.

“Without the help of WEP, we would have faced a lot of difficulties to grow our small rice mill. After receiving the loan, our dream comes true. We are steadily expanding our mill, acquiring more machines and serving more clients. Now, we are very glad that we can maintain our family with ease”, Rina Begum described cheerfully.

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