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Bringing Hope through Farming

Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country, people of rural areas of this country are engaged in farming. I went to visit different village areas of this country and saw the techniques of their cultivation. In rural areas, people cultivate different types of vegetables in empty areas around their homesteads.

Most of the people of Bangladesh are landless farmers. And in order to improve the living standards of these poor farmers, ADRA Bangladesh has introduced various modern and advanced farming methods. Using these methods, farmers have been able to change their destiny.

“In order to make us (landless farmers like me) financially capable, ADRA Bangladesh encourages us to cultivate vegetables in the empty spaces around our homesteads and on the dike in a special way,” said Abdullah.

“ADRA Bangladesh has been working in the village of Gouripur upazila in Mymensingh district through their Women Empowerment Project (WEP) with the support of ADRA Sweden and Swedish Mission Council,” said Babul C. Gomes, Project Manager (WEP), ADRA Bangladesh.

“I’m a poor farmer and I live in Grouripur upazila of Mymensingh district. I’m a direct beneficiary of WEP and received training on different types of method of modern technology and climate smart agriculture. As a result of learning and ceaseless guidance from ADRA staffs, I see a wink of hope and started producing Vermicompost and dike crops,” said Abdullah with a smile on his face. “Now I’m earning well and I’m able to bear educational expenses of my children,” Abdullah added.

“I took it as a challenge that I’d overcome the poverty and would afford three meals daily for my family. ADRA paves the way for me to do it. I’m very happy and now I’m earning good, with which I can meet the needs of my family,” Abdullah said spontaneously. “ADRA is doing a great job in our locality. If ADRA continues their support this way, most of the farmers of our area will be able to get rid of poverty,” he added.

ADRA team felt that their attempt would not have been successful if they did not have ADRA Sweden and Swedish Mission Council beside them to run this project. ADRA Bangladesh would express its gratitude for the long-standing support of ADRA Sweden and Swedish Mission Council. ADRA Bangladesh is also expecting that they would continue their support to change the life of people in Bangladesh.

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