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Enhancing Community Resilience Project observed National Disaster Preparedness Day 2018

In the recent years, Bangladesh has shifted its disaster management emphasis to a broader framework.In spite of a small core of dedicated and interest-driven naysayers, climate change has now proven to be incontrovertibly behind the sustained surge in the incidence of natural disasters. Like the rest of the world Bangladesh too has become increasingly prone to natural calamities but it has never seemed ready for such emergencies.

The National Plan for Disaster Management broadly outlines the systemic and institutional mechanisms under which disaster risk reduction and emergency response management is undertaken in Bangladesh. It mentions disaster management vision, strategic goals and conceptual framework and identifies priority areas for disaster risk reduction and emergency response management.

NDPD Observance 2018

After the deadly cyclone of 1991, Bangladesh recognized that it was crucial to promote disaster preparedness and management across the country. As a result, Bangladesh has been observing National Disaster Preparedness Day (NDPD) every year since 1998.

Swedish Mission Council together with ADRA Bangladesh is helping the poorest people to do prepare for disaster resilient like early warning system, creating evacuation plan, developing disaster risk reduction action plan and implementation, household level disaster preparedness, community level disaster risk reduction action implementation etc.

Events Organized by ADRA Bangladesh along with Upazila administration, Dacope, Khulna

The National Disaster Preparedness Day was observed across the country on Saturday with a view to raising mass awareness about natural calamities. ADRA Bangladesh observed the day with due importance. Following events were carried out with other stakeholders.

  • Rally:

A colorful rally was started at 10.00 A.M from Upazila administration office and ended the same place after touching the important market or gathering public places like Dakbanglar More, Upazila Health Complex more, Press Club, Upazila boundaries and so on. The rally was led by Mr. Abdul Gafur Sana, acting Mayor, Chalna Pouroshava, Dacope, Khulna. During Upazila Mohila Vice Chairman, Upazila high officials, representatives of local NGOs, local elites, CPP, school children etc attended in this rally. Total 3 schools of Dacope including Govt. Primary and High School and 1 Madrasa students attended in this rally.

  • Discussion on NDPD

After ending the rally the participants were gathered in the Upazila premises where a little discussion was held.The participants from different sectors particularly relevant government officials, NGOs, INGOs, School students, CPP members and Community level volunteers were present.Mr. Gafur Sana, acting Mayor, Chalna Pouroshava, Dacope said, “The government has taken various steps to reduce the effects of natural calamities for the sake of people. In this connection, we should work together.”

All the participants including representatives from the local administration, teachers, students NGO representatives stressed adequate preparedness for reducing disaster risk and losses during their discussion. Special emphasis was placed on how individuals can increase their resilience to shocks to be better prepared for disasters.

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